Based in Altona East, MacTech Electrical was established in 2000 and is owned and operated by Jason McHale. Jason is a Registered Electrical Contractor and has over 30 year experience in the electrical field. His forté is Industrial electrical applications, especially Flour Mill processes.

Along-side his electrical skills, Jason is an expert at wired Home Automation Systems. His knowledge is unsurpassed on; installation, components and recommending the required system for your environment and needs.

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Industrial Electrician

MacTech Electrical is your ideal partner for industrial electrical work. With decades of experience in industrial environments you are ensured the job will be done to Victorian Standards and on time.

Home Automation

Home automation simply makes life a lot easier. With access through mobile devices you can control home's appliances. We can supply and install a wired system that controls your house that doesn't rely on sensors that communicate through radio frequencies.

Secure Automated Security

Home security can easily be added to our home automation system, and because our system is wired into your electrical circuit, thieves can't turn it off by hacking in your WiFi.

Superior Energy Efficiency

Unlike WiFi automation systems, wired home automation systems energise the control only when required, therefore offering substantial savings on your enery bill.

Benefits of wired home automation

NO INTERRUPTIONS - WiFi relies on radio frequencies and can be interrupted by some appliances and internal walls causing 'Dark Spots' where either the signal is either too weak or no existent to activate a controller. Whereas, wired networks run through your wiring so there is no signal loss at all.

IDEAL FOR LARGER AREAS - Wired is ideal for larger homes, WiFi signals have a defined distance from the router depending on the WiFi router's quality.

MORE SECURE - Hackers have a more difficult time trying to hack a network that has wired connections than a WiFi network, so if strong security is a point of mind, then a wired system is the way to go.

HIGHER SPEEDS - Another positive element of a wired network is that it can get up to 1 gigabit per second speed-wise - far exceeding WiFi speeds.

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Wired networks offer superior reliability and stability once the whole installation is completed. Its signal will never be influenced by other networks, with no 'dark spots' whatsoever.

The speed can be considerably faster on wired connections and also reliability. It's the perfect option for new build or significant development projects whereby installation of cables in walls offers all the positives and once completed will be discreet enough that you will not know it is there. Once installed, it generally offers better service to wired home automation components that utilising wireless components.

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