Benefits of wired home automation

NO INTERRUPTIONS - WiFi relies on radio frequencies and can be interrupted by some appliances and internal walls causing 'Dark Spots' where either the signal is either too weak or no existent to activate a controller. Whereas, wired networks run through your wiring so there is no signal loss at all.

IDEAL FOR LARGER AREAS - Wired is ideal for larger homes, WiFi signals have a defined distance from the router depending on the WiFi router's quality.

MORE SECURE - Hackers have a more difficult time trying to hack a network that has wired connections than a WiFi network, so if strong security is a point of mind, then a wired system is the way to go.

HIGHER SPEEDS - Another positive element of a wired network is that it can get up to 1 gigabit per second speed-wise - far exceeding WiFi speeds.