Home Automation

Home automation simply makes life a lot easier. With access through mobile devices you can control home's appliances. We can supply and install a wired system that controls your house that doesn't rely on sensors that communicate through radio frequencies.

control unit

controller unit

MacTech Electrical offer two types of wired Home Automation Systems BMCS (Building Management Control Systems) Centralised and De-Centralised systems. Both systems are pre-programmed and supplied with circuit a diagram for your installer.

Both systems can be expanded and modified after installation. (If the building structure allows).

The Panel is normally located / installed in a central area of the house, possibly a kitchen or dining room. From here the home`s automation can be activated.

E-mail and SMS messaging are also possible from the panel.

Centralised System

A centralised system consists of an all in one touch panel which directly controls devices from the panel. All wiring terminates at the panel. From the panel wiring will connect onto the Devices which assist in the automation of the house.


  • Low cost
  • Small applications


  • Difficult to add to the system at a later date unless the access to the panel is unrestricted
  • Congested cables and equipment behind the panel.

De-Centralised System

A De-Centralised system consists of a touch panel connected to a base unit. All wiring terminates at the base unit. The base unit is typically installed adjacent to the switchboard or within a service cupboard in the house. Multiple base units can be added.


  • Easily expandable
  • Un-restricted in capabilities


  • Added installation cost
  • Requires a space within the house to install an extra box.

Devices which can be controlled are not only restricted to the list below. The panels are custom programmed therefore the restriction of control is only related to the device being controlled. For example, if the requirement was for a camera to record the entrance area at a front door when the doorbell is pressed, then the doorbell press would need to be connected to the system and so to the camera.

Superior Energy Efficiency

Unlike WiFi automation systems, wired home automation systems energise the control only when required, therefore offering substantial savings on your enery bill.

Secure Automated Security

Home security can easily be added to our home automation system, and because our system is wired into your electrical circuit, thieves can't turn it off by hacking in your WiFi.


The units are powered from a plug pack. However a plug pack requires a 240-volt power supply. Therefore a Registed Electrical Contractor (REC) should be employed to carry out this work. They would normally be able to supply the cables and terminate the equipment using best practice.

Most of the equipment is supplied through 24 volts direct current (24VDC). In this case a handy person with some two-wire knowledge could install this system.

Types of devices that can be controlled

  • Home Access
  • Security systems
  • Window actuators
  • Water Pumps
  • Sprinkler Valves
  • Motion sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Weather stations

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